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A visionary leader , a business mogul whose wealth of experience spans more than 2 decades. He can close any deal effortlessly to his team advantage which has made him a sought after business partner with multiple companies. He has worked as head for business development and sales in a multi billion dollar company in auto sales. A self starter , a deal breaker, he can help you buy any luxury car at unbeatable price because he knows how to get best deals.

His forward-thinking solution and expertise in business world has helped him to achieve a lot and he is constantly looking for ways to develop himself.
His charismatic strength has earned him the admiration of all who has worked with him.

He has built a distinguished career leading billion companies, he has served as an executive, consultant for multiple Fortune 500 companies.
Whatever he gets involved with, he brings the best to the table and he can never rest until it’s a huge success.

He loves traveling and has love for people, he is looking forward to meeting Letstalkblog Associates all over the world.




Managing Partner

A wife, a loving mother who has never allowed the pressure of her ever busy life to slow her down in her quest to expand businesses globally.

A self motivated woman whose humble beginning and notable achievements is worthy of emulation. She started as a sales person after graduating from College , she achieved so much and developed rapidly in her career.

She has successfully built herself a career in Real Estate, Business Management , events and public relations organizer. In fact, she can get any business started and delivered professionally.

With more than 20 years of experience in research and business development, she has helped to add referral program to Letstalkblog global businesses . She is a hardworking entrepreneur who believes in creating equal opportunities for others to succeed – with Letstalkblog, her greatest desire and passion in helping others is for such to become a reality. Her goal is to build a global giants of independent Associates who can reach their goal of financial independence through Letstalkblog.

With her wealth of experiences in different Fortune-500 companies at executive level with extensive training , knowledge and dedication to teamwork. She is committed to the long term sustainability of Letstalkblog vision.