How to Become an Associate

First make sure you have a Bitcoin address because all commissions from us  are transferred direct to your Ewallet.

(1) Click on Associate/sign up

(2) Add your sponsor details and follow all introductions. When you get to Bank information, make sure you add at least 2 payments options which your Bitcoin address is a must. Make sure your local bank details corresponds with your full name

(3) Accept terms and conditions

(4) We have 3 different ways you can use to pay for your registration

(A) EPin- You can add it if you already bought from a Captain

(B) Ewallet- it’s normally used by those already registered and have funds in their personal Ewallet  or Captains that have already funded their Ewallet and they are helping new members sign up

(C) Blocktrail- You can pay from your Bitcoin wallet. When paying with Bitcoin, make sure you pay the correct amount and DO NOT CLOSE OR REFRESH YOUR BROWSER UNTIL PAYMENT IS COMPLETE AND YOU SEE LETSTALKBLOG WELCOME LETTER After payment is complete, you can now sign into your back office to choose a package which is registration Stage 2 Stage 2 Next stage is purchasing our Products/services , it’s only after you have successfully purchased either our ebook or products you can start earning.

(1) From your back office , click on Join Package, click on Join. Click on Join Package again, this second click on Join Package will reveal the name and bank details of your Sponsor but if your sponsor already received money from 3 members, it will reveal another seller details and you have 24hrs to pay him/her $50(each country chooses their amount in local currency which everybody must adhere to)

(2) After paying for the ebook/products , notify the receiver to confirm you. If he doesn’t confirm you within 12hrs contact us immediately by sending a ticket through your back office

(3) Once you are confirmed, you are now eligible to start earning if you introduce anybody or get a spill over.