(1) Who is Eligible to join Letstalkblog?
Anybody can join as a free member but to sell to new members, you must be 18yrs and above.

(2) Is there any setup fee?
No, you register , read ,connect with others, create post but to upgrade to an Associate you must pay Admin fee, to occupy a board, you must pay your sponsor for products/services

(3) The sponsor assigned to me is not the person that referred me?
In such case, your sponsor must have  fully sold the maximum required times which is to 3 buyers within that stage. The system will redirect your account and assign you to next available sponsor but still within your Sponsor network. Your sponsor will still get referral bonus, you can still fall under him on higher status if he doesn’t have 3 direct yet when you get to that stage.

(4) How do I receive my payment?
Once you have paid  and the seller has confirmed your  payment, you will be in line to sell to others. If you don’t have buyers, the system will assign  3 buyers to buy from you but note it’s first to occupy board, first to get buyers. And it’s also when their is spill over that those who don’t have downlines can be assigned downlines. To quicken your sells, you can look for 3 buyers to buy from you, we don’t manipulate the system

(5) Can I join higher status without completing lower stages?
Yes , you can buy codes and use it to activate higher stages or once you get the required number of members in a particular stage, you move to next stage.

(6)  Must I pay Admin fees for all different status?
Yes, that is the only way we can sustain the system and deliver on our promises . A lot of peer to peer platform will tell you everything is free DO NOT  BE FOOLED BY FREE, BE WISE . As we are using our platform to help members make money , it’s not too much to ask for support to sustain the company . Remember, admin fees for higher status are automatically deducted from your bonus, so you don’t have to bother about that.

(7)   Can I have double accounts?
Yes- but you need a different email and username but bank details can be the same.

(8) Can I start from higher status?
No , everybody starts from Associate and upgrade to higher status

(9) Is there Referral bonus?
Yes, for each person that signs up with your referral links , you get $5 . You can refer as many as possible and earn referral bonuses

(10) How long will it take before I get paid by 3 buyers?
We can’t give you a timeframe because as buyers  indicate interest, the system assigns to sellers . You can also help to facilitate fast sales  by getting buyers to buy from you.

(11) Is this a donation platform?
No, we are business leaders in different fields who want to create a solid platform where members can genuinely make money. We are here to help each other achieve financial freedom.

(12) Do you have a central account?
We don’t have central accounts for Products/services sells in Associate stage because buyers pay to sellers directly not us but we have central account for Admin fees .

(13) Can this platform be sustained?
Yes, if we all work with one vision and passion. It’s participants responsibility to make Letstalkblog a huge success by telling everybody about us, sharing our dreams and offers,  also paying fellow sellers on time, also avoid any type of misconduct that will truncate our efforts because it will not be tolerated

(14) Can I post a fake prove of payment pending when I will be able to make payment?
No, if you  try it, you will lose your position in the queue and your account deleted. If you are not ready to pay don’t click on Join Package

(15) I have paid but my sponsor  has not confirmed and approved my payment?
The system is timed  , if the timer reaches 0 and the seller has not confirmed you, contact support with prove of payment (scanned copy of teller or the transaction details) simply upload the documents and send to support@letstalkblog.com you can also send a Ticket through your back office . We will try and resolve the issue within 48hrs . If the seller does not respond to confirm or deny payment within this timeframe ,Admin will confirm you.

(16) If a buyer declines to pay what happens?
As long is your turn to get a buyer , you won’t lose your turn, the system will assign the next ready buyer to you after 24hrs  given to the buyer has elapsed. And the buyer’s  account will be deleted

(17) It’s Letstalkblog legal?
Yes, we are using referral program to sell our products and services and nobody is  forced to buy or sell.

(18)  Can I become one of your CAPTAINS in my State/country?
Yes, email us at info@letstalkblog.com

(19) Do you have any representative in our country?
No, we accept only CAPTAINS and only Admin fees can be paid to CAPTAINS accounts  and they can give members activation codes. Don’t ever pay for PACKAGES to any CAPTAIN , pay only to the sponsor assigned by the system or by yourself .

Remember, together we can make the world a better place , so let’s read, chat , connect AND MAKE MONEY .

If you haven’t found answers to your questions feel free to contact us at Info@letstalkblog.com , it will be our please to assist you.