Become a Captain

Rules and regulations

(1) Must be a registered member with picture uploaded in your back office

(2) Social media handles uploaded in your back office

(3) Must be above 18yrs

(4) Should be able to sell at least  20 registration codes monthly.

(5) Must pay for all registration fees given to him by members promptly to Letstalkblog Bitcoin account which must be not less than 5 each time

(6)  Must never ask members to pay direct to him for package purchases

(7)  Should be able to guide new members and be honest in all his dealings with them

(8)  Should not claim employment of Letstalkblog but an Independent promoter

(9)  Must be able to answer questions about the marketing plan and not defraud members

(10) If we receive more than 2 verified complaint about a Captain and he is guilty , he will be demoted immediately to an ordinary participant .

(11) A  Captain can be terminated in one complain that is verified and proven guilt  especially If the complain is about taking money from members and not giving them activation codes promptly thereby making a member not to activate his/her account or deceiving and diverting members commissions. Apart from demotion as a Captain, his membership as a Letstalkblog can be terminated.

(12) Also a Captain can de demoted if he is giving new members false promises or spreading false rumors  about Letstalkblog, he should always be transparent in his teachings  about Letstalkblog ideology and marketing plan.

If you think you are  capable and can observe the above rules, send us email after you have successfully signed up, uploaded your details in your back office, stating your full details to also copy